Halloween Safety Tips

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Tomorrow is Halloween, which means Trick-or-Treating!  Here are some tips to keep you safe, and ensure a fun and festive spooky night:

  • Trick-or-Treat only at well-lit houses
  • Use reflective tape and/or flashlights to help drivers better see you (and to improve your vision as you travel between houses)
  • Travel in small groups and be accompanied by an adult
  • Carry emergency contact information with you – you can attach it to your treat bag for safe keeping
  • Stay on sidewalks, or if a sidewalk is unavailable – stay on the very far side of the road
  • Inspect all candy before eating it
  • Don’t enter homes of anyone you don’t know
  • To avoid skin/eye irritations, remove all makeup and contacts before going to bed
  • Make sure all masks, shoes, and clothing fits well to avoid trips, falls, or other injuries

Have a fun, and safe Halloween!