Keeping yourself safe on Halloween (Adults)


Though a lot of tips for Halloween focus on safety for children who are trick-or-treating, adults should also focus on their own safety.  Some ways to ensure your safety on this Halloween include:

  • If you are planning to do any driving on Halloween night, be extra cautious and diligent about watching for anyone/thing who may run in front of your car
  • If you can avoid being out, stay indoors.  Otherwise, avoid darkened sidewalks and parks; stay in very well-lit areas and in groups, if possible.  Remember safety in numbers.
  • It has been getting colder as we have been steadily approaching winter.  Though warming centers are not yet open, there are still steps that can be taken, such as:
    • Lots of layers – thermals, thick gloves, hats, and earmuffs are key items
    • Layer blankets, especially if you are staying in a car
    • Hot water bottles
    • Another car tip is to utilize a car cover.  Be sure that your car is off if you intend to use this method.
  • If you are planning to pass out candy, consider inviting a friend or two to assist

Some useful articles with general tips and safety info are: