Fire safety

Did you know that winter marks an increase in accidental home fires?  Check out  these fire safety and smoke detector tips to ensure your safety this winter:

1. Make sure all family members know what to do in the event of a fire. Draw a floor plan with at least two ways of escaping every room. Make a drawing for each floor. Dimensions do not need to be correct. Make sure the plan shows important details: stairs, hallways and windows that can be used as fire escape routes.

2. Test windows and doors—do they open easy enough? Are they wide enough. Or tall enough?

3. Choose a safe meeting place outside the house.

4. Practice alerting other members. It is a good idea to keep a bell and flashlight in each bedroom.

1. Be careful with holiday decorations – choose flame resistant or flame retardant decorations

2. Keep lit candles away from decorations and other flammable items

3. Replace strings of lights with worn or broken cords and/or loose bulb connections

4. Use clips to hang lights instead of nails

5. Keep decorations away from doors and windows

6. Test all your smoke alarms and alert any guests of safety plans

7. Keep children and pets away from lit candles

8. Always monitor food while cooking

9. Always check the labels on your lights – some are only for indoor use, and some only for outdoors

For more tips, see the winter holiday safety factsheet and the christmas tree safety guide

Smoke Detectors:
Did you know that there are two types of smoke alarms?  Check out this handy factsheet from the National Fire Protection Association

Smoke Alarm Safety

And this guide about specially designed smoke alarms for the hard of hearing:

Smoke Alarm HOH

For more information about fire safety, safety planning, or smoke alarms – feel free to contact the Spokane Fire Department at (509) 625-7000.