Beating the holiday blues



Did you know that the holiday season is a source of sadness and depression for many people?  If you or someone you know experience holiday season depression, the following tips may help:

  • Try to socialize more with loved ones – It has been shown that laughter and talking releases endorphins that improve moods
  • Do a relaxing activity like reading a book, taking a walk, or listening to music – Your body has systems in place to calm you down when you start to feel overwhelmed.  These activities help to let those systems take over.
  • Get some good old aerobic exercise – Much like laughter, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good
  • Create goals – Achieving goals gives you a sense of success, which works wonders for improving moods.
  • Have a good cry – Crying is both cleansing and gives you a sense of relief.  Did you know that crying lowers stress and elevates your mood?
  • Pamper yourself – Taking care of yourself and looking good also helps you feel good

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