Spokane Housing Authority Section 8 Scam Alert

From the Spokane Housing Authority:


Spokane, WA – February 6, 2014 –


Spokane Housing Authority has been alerted to a phone scam that is occurring for people who are interested in or have applied to the 2014 Lottery Waiting List.

These phone calls claim that the person has been placed on the waiting list and then request credit card information for a small charge to ensure their successful application process.

The 2014 Lottery Waiting List pre-application is free of charge.

There are ways you can help stop scams like these, including reporting to the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov/complaint; the state’s Attorney General’s office at 800-551-4636, 206-464-6684, or www.atg.wa.gov; or reporting it to Spokane Housing Authority at mbraaten@spokanehousing.org or 509-252-7125.

Action is being taken to investigate and stop these illegal phone calls, including discussion with the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, and the Attorney General of Washington.

To submit a pre-application for the 2014 Lottery Waiting List before it closes on Monday, February 10 at 3 P.M., please visit the Spokane Housing Authority website at www.spokanehousing.org.

Once the pre-application process closes applicants should check back at www.spokanehousing.org for additional information on determining their status.

Spokane Housing is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.