Section 8 Wait List Lottery Update

2014 Lottery for the
Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is closed for the pre-application process.

Please be aware, read our notice about waiting list phone scams, and protect your personal and credit card information. Our application process for the Housing Choice Voucher is free of charge.


  • If you successfully submitted a pre-application, please visit the Online Waiting List, create an account and login. Once signed into the OWL system, you can view information indicating your status.
  • If you see “Deactivated 2014 Lottery Application” you are not on the waiting list and will have to submit a pre-application another time. We estimate this will occur sometime in early 2016. (Please Note: if you see “Deactivated 2014 Lottery Application”, disregard the “Position on Wait List” number. This number represents your position on the deactivated list only, you are not on an active waiting list).
  • If you see “2014 Lottery Waiting List”  you are on the waiting list and will see “active” or “active applicant” and a number from 1-2000. 

    Write down this ‘original’ number because it will be helpful when calling the waiting list hotline at 509-252-7122, or visiting our homepage to quickly see who we are serving.

    Keep your mailing address current by submitting a Waiting List Change of Circumstance Form. Failure to keep your information current can result in removal from the waiting list.

Wait times vary depeding on program budget and changes of current clientelle; however can be estimated as:


Original Assigned Number Estimated time to reach that number
1-500 0-6 months
501-1000 6-12 months
1001-1500 12-18 months
1501-2000 18-24 months

Equal Housing Opportunity and Equal Opportunity Employer


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