Volunteer Opportunities

PrimeTime Mentors Needed in Spokane and Cheney

Date and Time: Ongoing until June 2015
Agency: Community in Schools Spokane County, 905 W Riverside Ave. Suite 3014
Description:The PrimeTime Mentoring Program is an exciting weekly program that will match community members in a one-on-one or group mentoring setting with a student at-risk of academic failure in Spokane and Cheney. Commit to one hour a week at your convenience until June 2015.

Be a supportive role model by spending time with a student. You can add long-lasting assets to a child’s life and increase their likelihood of succeeding in school and beyond. Your choice of these 20 public schools:

Spokane Public Schools
• Cooper Elementary                                          • Stevens Elementary
• Grant Elementary                                            • Chase Middle School
• Logan Elementary                                           • Garry Middle School
• Regal Elementary                                            • Sacajawea Middle School
• Roosevelt Elementary                                      • Shaw Middle School
• Sheridan Elementary                                       • John R. Rogers High School

Cheney Public Schools
• Betz Elementary
• Salnave Elementary
• Snowdon Elementary
• Sunset Elementary
• Windsor Elementary
• Cheney Middle School
• Westwood Middle School
• Cheney High School
Event Contact: Sherry Barrett at (509) 413-1436
Bus routes: 

Fall Folk Festival Volunteers Needed

Date and Time: Volunteers need is ongoing but event is 11/08
Agency: Spokane Folklore Society; Event will be at SCC, 1810 N. Greene Street

Current Opportunities:

  • Bake Sale:   Package, arrange, and serve baked goods and coffee.
  • Children’s Crafts:   Help teach crafts and supervise kids making their own arts.
  • Greeters:   Greet visitors and performers at major entrances, hand out program guides and answer basic questions.
  • Volunteer Check-In:   Welcome and provide information to volunteers working at the Festival.
  • Button Sales:   Sell buttons to Festival visitors.
  • T-Shirt Sales:   Sell T-Shirts to Festival visitors
  • Set–up / Clean-up:  Put-up and/or take-down chairs, help set-up/take-down, load/unload sound systems,
    tables, posters, etc.
  • Stage Managers:  Introduce performers, promote the Festival, thank our sponsors, help assure the safety and
    enjoyment of our Festival folks.
  • Sound Techs:   Minor mixing of cds, tapes and mics in .ance areas, some experience needed.  Several people with additional experience are needed to field minor tech problems and cover breaks.
  • Recycling: Check recycling containers every hour or so.  Carry off full bags of recyclables to a storage area.  Then put a clean bag in the recycle collection bins.

For more information on becoming a Festival Volunteer, just go to our new Volunteer Hub and sign up!  It’s that easy! http://spokanefolklore.volunteerhub.com

Event Contact: Mary Naber at (509) 328-3829
Bus routes: 29, 39

Blankets for Blanket Drive

Date and Time: Ongoing
Location: Your school or workplace.
Description: We need blankets for our annual blanket drive. Start a drive at you work or school.
Event Contact: Our Place Ministries at (509) 326-7267
Bus routes:

Archives Database Development

Date and Time: Ongoing
Location: The Fig Tree; 1323 S. Perry
Description: The Fig Tree is working to complete a database archive of the articles it has run since 1984. Several years have been completed. The task involved data entry based on articles in previous issues. Once the archives are complete, we will need assistance in keeping them current and in retyping articles from previous issues to have them available online.
Event Contact: Mary Stamp at (509) 535-1813
Bus routes: 45

St. Lawrence House Hospitality

Date and Time: Ongoing
Agency: West Central Episcopal Mission1832 W. Dean Ave.
Description: We need adult men and women to welcome and assist visitors. St. Lawrence House is a neighborhood gathering place where our guests can stop in to cool off in the summer, warm up in the winter, enjoy coffee and refreshments, pick up a book from our library, use a computer or simply visit with one another. We offer showers and laundry to those in need, and our direct services staff provide referrals to other needed services. Volunteers will welcome visitors, provide hospitality, keep records of guests using shower and laundry services, and help with daily cleanup.
Event Contact: Kris Christensen at (509) 326-6471
Bus routes: 21