Utility Provider Scam!!! Please Be Aware!!!

I wanted to share a new brochure regarding scams that was recently created due to the variety of ways that we have received reports of individuals seeking to take advantage under the guise of a utility provider.

The attached brochure addresses the various methods individuals have tried to gain access into homes or obtain money by phone or email from unsuspecting individuals.

Some key messages are:

(1) At your door, be alert of

  • High pressure tactics
  • Attempts to appear legitimate: walkie-talkie, hard hat and orange vest
  • Unscheduled service
  • Verify
    • Avista photo ID badge
    • Call (800)227-9187 to verify identity

(2) Phone calls for Emails, be alert

  • High pressure tactics
  • “Spoofing” technology
  • Reloadable debit card
  • Same day payment at retail location
  • Protect
    • Report suspicious phone number to Avista Call Center (800)227-9187
    • Do not open email, click on links, or open any attachments
    • Do not respond to request
    • Do not provide personal information

To view the full brochure click here —>>> AV-11174-Scam-Brochure-091114