Agency Name Change: CORD is now SCIL

CORD_LOGOA new beginning has begun with Spokane Center for Independent Living (SCIL). With input from our consumers, community partners, and key stakeholders, the Board of Directors voted to make this name change.

Our organization used to be called Coalition of Responsible Disabled (CORD).

For 26 years, CORD worked with consumers to promote their independence in the community.
Moving forward, SCIL will continue to promote Independent Living.
Independent Living (IL) is based on the philosophy that people with disabilities have skills, determination,
specific abilities, creativity and a passion for life.
However, many are unable to participate fully due to attitudinal or/and physical barriers in our community.
IL is a “way of living” for people with disabilities who live in our communities where many barriers remain.
Independent Living becomes a reality for people with disabilities through the support offered by Centers for
Independent Living (CILs) throughout the State of Washington.
SCIL is one of four CILs in the State of Washington.   Other CILs are in Ellensburg, Lakewood (Tacoma) with
a satellite office in Bellingham, and Seattle with a satellite office in Bellevue.
Our CILs are members of Association of Centers for Independent Living in Washington (ACIL-WA)
and collaborate closely with the Washington State Independent Living Council (SILC).
Soon, we will have our new SCIL website and we invite you to call us at (509) 326-6355 or e-mail us at
for the upcoming announcement of SCIL’s new website, upcoming fall events, and participation in our ‘new’ organization.
We are located at 8817 E. Mission in Spokane Valley.

**This information was taken from their current website at**