Mobile Council Office

mobile council office

The Spokane City Council is embarking on a new form of outreach. Council members Candace Mumm and Karen Stratton representing the 3rd District, and Amber Waldref of District 1 are taking it to the street!

Access to council members can be had if one is willing to attend a city council meeting where you can sign up for three minutes to speak to council at the end of the meeting. Usually by that time everyone is tired and just wants to go home. It can leave one feeling frustrated. One can call, email or snail mail to discuss your concerns but council members are usually out and about and you are more likely to end up speaking with a legislative assistant. This is standard and assistants can be very helpful and efficient but it is still not direct access.

Imagine this: a room located in your neighborhood, close to where you live, with plenty of free parking and direct access to two council members. If you can imagine this, you are imagining the new Mobile Council Office.
In spring, last year Council members Mumm and Waldref took their mobile office to Northtown. In the fall Council members Mumm and Stratton visited with their constituents here at WCCC.“It is a City Council mobile office,” explains Mumm, “where we meet with constituents on any topic they’d like to discuss.”

This format is different from Council Connection which can be viewed on Cable 5. Mumm says Council Connection is usually an interview format about city business and has a different purpose.

Those attending the mobile council office at WCCC were thrilled and amazed at the opportunity to speak with council members personally in a less formal setting. Mumm says they plan on  holding more.