SNAP Windstorm Resources

Free firewood available If you need wood to heat your home, SNAP can help. Residents must be low-income and live in Spokane County. Wood delivery from Airway Heights Correctional Facility is available (up to a half cord). Firewood can be picked up at the SNAP Mission Support Center, 3102 W. Ft. George Wright Drive (near SFCC) during business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Project Share If you have a shut-off notice for heat or are out of heat (wood, propane, oil) we have emergency help for low-income Spokane County residents. Go to our Armory office (212 W 2nd) or Valley office (Spokane Valley Partners, 10814 E. Broadway) or call 456-SNAP (7627)

Energy Assistance program update If you have a previously scheduled energy appointment at the Armory or Valley offices we are ready to see you. If your appointment is at the Northeast office you can come to the Armory (212 W 2nd) or you will be able to reschedule.

Cell phone charging stations We are offering power for people to charge their cell phones at the two downtown SNAP offices: 212 S. Wall and at the Armory 212 W 2nd. There are 15 spots at each office in the waiting area.

Gas for Generators Through this special emergency program, we can provide gasoline for people’s generators. Up to $25, for a one-time gas pickup at any Divine’s locations. Intake handled by the Resource Team and Project Share employees.

Tarps for roofs As part of the Essential Home Repair program, we have tarps to cover people’s roofs. Weatherization crews may tarp the roof if the repair cannot be done quickly or are beyond out scope. Intake handled by Resource Team and coordinated by Essential Home Repair/Weatherization teams. Call Michelle Christie at 456-7627×2406.

Help specifically for city of Spokane residents If you are low-income and own a home in the city of Spokane and have no heat or need home repair for damage caused by this week’s wind storm, SNAP has limited ability to help.

We can help to provide: up to one dozen Presto logs or a half cord of wood; frozen pipe repair; pilot light relighting for heat or hot water tanks; minor roof repair; broken windows; moving branches (but not removal) to allow critical access to your home; reattaching the power mast to your home (this is the pole where your overhead power line attaches to your home -this will not reconnect electrical power).

The city of Spokane provided funding to allow SNAP to provide with the above mentioned services.

Gift cards from Rosauers, Fred Meyer A limited number of gift cards for groceries and other products have been donated by Rosauers and Fred Meyer for those who lost food during the windstorm. Call the SNAP main number – 456-7627 – for more information.

SNAP phone lines are open at (509) 456-SNAP (7627).